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‘‘Uncommon Wisdom For Success And Happiness; is a compilation of
philosophical quotes, aimed at enlightening the seekers of truth, wisdom and
happiness. It is also a composition; intended to remind humanity that those
who cooperate with spiritual and natural laws; stand a better chance of
experiencing the fullness and better side of life. Violating these is a serious
disadvantage, despite human pretenses.

It is the compilations of the author’s wisdom nuggets for sober reflections and
personal development; which he has acquired in the school of life for more
than 5 decades. The author, in this book; tries to help readers; in reconnecting
with the true essence of life. It is a panoramic view of life from various angles
of human existence, with the aim of helping readers; evolve into more
reasonable, sensitive and humane personalities.

Reading the book will help in reviewing individual value systems and attitude,
which will foster a more realistic touch with the purpose of living, thereby
promoting more happiness, despite situations or any type of life experience.
Every well-meaning individual; will find the book to be a good companion in
every situation, on the journey of life.
This book is a unique database of uncommon wisdom; which may not be found
elsewhere. Reading it will broaden your mind to see some hitherto unknown
aspects of earthly living. It is a deep revelation of higher knowledge for those
who seek to understand life better. It can tickle or ridicule you. It can make you
sad, mad or glad; depending on who you are and what you seek in life.
Nevertheless, you will be glad to have this uncommon piece in your collections.