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‘Picture on the wall’; is a collection of stories from Nigeria, in the western part
of Africa. It is written; in response to the many demands of story-loving
students, that the author has met on his journey, especially in recent times.
The book presents the rich, complex and spiritual culture of a group of people
in West Africa, some centuries ago. It is intended to give insight to modern
readers about the traditional settings of an African pseudo community, before
the advent of modern civilization.
It is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, because it contains true stories with
literary embellishments of fiction, to make the stories livelier. The characters
may be unreal, but some of the stories are real. That is why the author chose
fictitious names; to represent true stories in the heart of an ancient African

community. That is why also, he calls the book non-fictional fiction. It is full of
breathtaking narratives; that will keep you gaping and gasping for breath; until
you get to the end of the stories.
Young readers will find it very interesting and useful, because it will help them
to understand more, about the art of storytelling and other literary skills.
Bearing in mind that storytelling was a rich part of earlier traditions around the
world; especially in West Africa, the book offers some insight into such ancient
backgrounds and cultures. This book will help to reconnect the reader; with a
vital part of the African heritage and value system which is gradually fading
and eroding away.
If also, you are looking for some fun or entertainment, outside the normal
daily routine; this book will engage and freshen you up, with a high dose of
curiosity and awe, no matter your age. In a nutshell, anybody can find the book
interesting, in one way or the other, even as adult readers. It will surely
challenge the power of your imaginations.