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“Avoiding Destiny Accidents” - sub-titled; Journeying Towards Fulfillment; is
like a road map for safety, on the journey of life. It is written with the intent to
alert and warn people, that there are real dangers on the way, as one travels
through life. The main focus of the book is to sensitize people, on the need to
be very
careful in all they do and at all times. In a world of inordinate ambition and gro
ss recklessness, the author places warning signs; for the wise to understand th
at there are unseen battles against individual destiny fulfillment.
He clearly shows practical examples of the types of accidents that can occur on
the journey of life, their major causes and the attendant consequences. The
author further gives some useful suggestions on how to avoid destiny
accidents. The book also emphasizes the need for battle readiness, in order to
deal with the forces and agencies of these destiny accidents. The author
encourages and assures the reader, that God is on the side of his children, to
defend and help them in this battle. He challenges them to cultivate a working
relationship with God and to live in obedience to his will. This, the author says;
is a great weapon of victory for the individual.
He concludes by saying that, there is always a new beginning for whoever wills,
to correct past mistakes; because the true God is a God of a second chance.
He re-iterates that whatever has been damaged in any life; can be repaired
and that lost grounds can be recovered. All it takes is realization and
determination. Therefore, to make the journey of life easier, find out what you
were created for and relentlessly pursue it to the end. That’s where you can
find the fulfillment you seek.