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A Poem Written By: Andrew Bright Ikeogwu

Line 1: Make a Better World:

I am sure we can make a better world for all, If we cultivate positive attitudes in our relationships. It‘s really not a sign of weakness, to be simple or humble. On the contrary, it’s a mark of maturity and great strength. So, let’s learn to go the extra mile at all cost, despite pains. And make a better world for everyone; including you and me.

Admit it when you are wrong and don’t justify your errors. Apologize when necessary and show your maturity and wisdom.

Line 2: Live for Justice

In the midst of unrighteousness, let’s live for justice and fairness. Remember always, you are on earth for reverence and service. Reverence for God Almighty and sacrificial service to humanity. This is all that every one of us; is truly created for in all honesty.

Don’t undermine or relegate people; no matter who you are. Life is mysterious; you may not know who you are dealing with. You cannot always tell a rich man from his personal appearance. Attires; sometimes may deceive, be careful not to conclude too fast.

Line 3: Don't Boast:

No Need To Boast

Strong men don’t boast of their strength and may be mistaken for cowards. Note that humility should not be misunderstood for stupidity or cowardice.

If you are wise; always think before you speak, lest you stink or sting. Don’t just open your mouth because you can talk, silence could be better. Know when to talk and when to be silent- that is wisdom from the creator. There is no need to pretend or deceive; people are known by their works. Whether in words or actions; your true identity shall be made manifest. Do the right things and let your conscience be your first judge before others.

Line 4: The World is Blessed

We all see; the world is blessed with God’s magnificence and magnanimity. Let’s be the extensions of God’s benevolence through our individual sacrifice. Your kindness, shown to someone; can change the world beyond imagination. Reach out to those who are not as privileged as you are and give them hope. There is so much pain in the world; just because of wickedness and selfishness. We can all make a better world; if we change our attitudes and responses.

Line 5: Dreaming of a Better World

I am dreaming of a world; in which everyone looks out for his neighbor. Seeking ways to show love and concern - adding happiness to his or her life. Despite status, color, race, or sex; remember, we are all one family in God. Don’t allow religion or politics to blindfold you and make you callous. No matter who you are; I am sure you can see that God is truly generous. That’s the challenge to every living soul towards making a better world.

A Better World is Possible

Topic: Making A Better World For All

Written By Andrew Bright Ikeogwu

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